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Judges 6:12 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.
Gideon was hiding behind the winepress from the Midianites, when he had an encounter with an angel. The angel called him a mighty man of valor, yet Gideon was hiding behind the winepress.
4. People’s opinion: Opinions of people do not define who you are. Jesus asked his disciple who people think he was, they all got it wrong except for Peter, who got it right through divine revelation. If the opinion is negative, it is an opportunity for improvement, examine yourself for areas where you need to change and adjust accordingly. Your Job, education, salary etc do not define you, you are much more than these.
5. God did not address Gideon by his circumstance but by what he can make of him. Circumstances of life come and go but they don’t define who you are. Do you define yourself by your potentials or by your condition? Your condition is temporal it is subject to change, don’t make your condition a recurring one by reinforcing it.
6. Destroy negative beliefs: Gideon, first destroyed the altar of Baal before he can erect a whole new order. Destroy every negative belief about yourself and your ability.
7. Respond to the voice of destiny. The eaglet responded to the cry of the Eagle. Have you ever had destiny kicks within you? Something that tells you, you can be more than this. Is there a hunger within you for something more than the average? Respond to the cry, don’t shut it down. Gideon responded to the words of the Angel, who told him that through him Israel shall be delivered and it was so.
8. Flap your wings: Take action. Bringing out your best version is your responsibility, take consistent and continual action, it is the continual flapping of the wings that cause the eagle to fly. Much energy is needed for the eaglet to take off but once it gets to the altitude where she can soar, she can rely on the dynamics of the wind. Gideon took action, he defeated the Midianites and liberated Israel. Is the real you still hiding like Gideon at the winepress?


You know joy has come when you can dance without music, when your mouth becomes the musical instruments and the whole cells of your body becomes the choir. Vibrating in harmony to the beat of your soul. It doesn't matter if you are off key, it is not important if your steps are off beat as you do the shuffle, tears of gratitude may cascade down your eyes as your heart connects with the angelic choir in heaven as you know Unspeakable joy full of glory... In that single moment you know you are created for this... to bring forth HIS praise... Halleluyah... Let the whole earth sing HIS praise...


Don't despise what you have, take time out to understand the potential of what you carry. It may look small to you or everyone else, but with God's involvement, your time and dedication it will become big. The big is in the small, a tiny seed can make a forest. Do something with what you have NOW, your future is in your seed. YOU WILL GET THERE...


The presence of Jesus in the boat is not a guarantee that storms of life will not come, but it is a guarantee that they will not overcome you. Every doer of the word is guaranteed to outlast the storm. The 3 Hebrew children came out of fire to their places of prominence in a foreign land, Daniel came out of the the Lion's Den unscathed, Job lost all and gained much more back. Whatever you are going through, God has an unquencheable Laughter in stock for you that will erase the pain and pressure you are going through. See as HE sees you, on the other side of the storm, fully fulfilled and satisfied, nothing missing, nothing broken. HE is waiting for you on the other side. YOU WILL GET THERE...


"How you handle relationships, will determine, if you will have open doors or will be standing before doors with broken knobs" God has scheduled the people in your life for a purpose, the challenge is to recognize them and the purpose for which they are in your life Most things that God wants to get to you, will come through the vehicle of relationships, an angel may not appear to u but God will use people "In life, There are people in life that you must not MEET and there are people in life that you must not MISS. The challenge is to know the difference."
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