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Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands. Psalms 119:66 New International Version
Decisions… we make them everyday, from the seemingly inconsequential ones to the heavy stuff. Our decisions creates our destinies. Every time you make a decision you are creating your world, if your reality is not what you desire, watch your decisions, you can provoke a radical change from the choices you make. Where you are today is as a result of the decisions you have made previously and where you will be is as a consequence of the choices you are making now. The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your decisions, you are a product of your choice. All problems originate from decisions and all problems can be solved by decisions.
A man once had a whole kingdom at his feet, he is the heir apparent to the throne, he was to make a simple decision, on what to tell the people of his kingdom. He sought counsel first from the old folks and later from his peers. The old people told him to speak words of comfort to his people while the youths advised him to promise the people a reign of terror. He chose the later and the kingdom fragmented. That man was Rehoboam.1Kings 12. He was obviously lacking good judgment. or what can we say of Joshua who as deceived by the appearance and words of the Gibeonites or Adam and Eve, Samson or Esau?
1. No one is immune to bad decisions, those who feel they are, become victims in the long run as they are blindsided by their shallow confidence.
2.Whenever you make a decision, you have chosen the outcome of the decision. One of the keys to making a good decision is to consider the outcomes. However, there are decisions which may look good for now but in the long run, it may be a bad decision.
3. Be teachable. There is also the spiritual dimension to making quality decisions again and again. David having made strings of bad decisions knows the importance of the Holy Spirit and a right spirit to making sound decisions.The Holy Spirit will teach you, if you will learn from him and ask him, He will guide you through life and enable you to make winning decisions again and again. Every mortal is limited as to how far they can see. The Holy Spirit can see into the future and knows if the decision you are taking will be a good one. Be sensitive to him.
4. The word of God is a powerful tool that enables us to make good decisions every time. David calls it “a lamp to my feet”..Ensure that your decision aligns with the will of God. Read the word, meditate on it. Act on it. Equip yourselves with tools for making quality decisions.
5. Have you made a bad decision?, don’t be stuck in a cycle of bad decisions. David committed adultery, instead of repenting, he tried to cover up (another bad decision), then he pulled Uriah from the war-front and eventually sent him to his untimely death. These actions provoke a catalog of negative outcomes which reverberated to generations.
There are decisions that you can make right now that will make your life a glorious one. I pray for you today for grace to take such decision in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit teach you knowledge and good judgement in Jesus name.


You know joy has come when you can dance without music, when your mouth becomes the musical instruments and the whole cells of your body becomes the choir. Vibrating in harmony to the beat of your soul. It doesn't matter if you are off key, it is not important if your steps are off beat as you do the shuffle, tears of gratitude may cascade down your eyes as your heart connects with the angelic choir in heaven as you know Unspeakable joy full of glory... In that single moment you know you are created for this... to bring forth HIS praise... Halleluyah... Let the whole earth sing HIS praise...


Don't despise what you have, take time out to understand the potential of what you carry. It may look small to you or everyone else, but with God's involvement, your time and dedication it will become big. The big is in the small, a tiny seed can make a forest. Do something with what you have NOW, your future is in your seed. YOU WILL GET THERE...


The presence of Jesus in the boat is not a guarantee that storms of life will not come, but it is a guarantee that they will not overcome you. Every doer of the word is guaranteed to outlast the storm. The 3 Hebrew children came out of fire to their places of prominence in a foreign land, Daniel came out of the the Lion's Den unscathed, Job lost all and gained much more back. Whatever you are going through, God has an unquencheable Laughter in stock for you that will erase the pain and pressure you are going through. See as HE sees you, on the other side of the storm, fully fulfilled and satisfied, nothing missing, nothing broken. HE is waiting for you on the other side. YOU WILL GET THERE...


"How you handle relationships, will determine, if you will have open doors or will be standing before doors with broken knobs" God has scheduled the people in your life for a purpose, the challenge is to recognize them and the purpose for which they are in your life Most things that God wants to get to you, will come through the vehicle of relationships, an angel may not appear to u but God will use people "In life, There are people in life that you must not MEET and there are people in life that you must not MISS. The challenge is to know the difference."
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